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Why Military Experts Are Worthless For Israel

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Posted 16 January 2005 - 12:03 AM

Here are two items written in "The Torah Lifestyle" http://www.judaicapr...products_id=299
By Rabbi B. Shafier about how G-d fight our Wars. This is why any talk about military standards or even normal geo-politics gets thrown out the window. Eretz Yisrael is a miracle to begin with and it will continue to survive no matter how hard our enemies or even ourselves try to destroy it and uproot it.

First Item about the Six Day War :
An article in Time magazine after the war told the following story: the West Point Senior cadets were given a project. They were to devise the most effective strategy for taking the Golan Heights. They were given maps of the Syrian strong points and the Israeli forces assigned to the battle. Because it was a senior thesis, they were given access to the greatest military minds at West Point, and the most sophisticated computers available at the time. They had three months to devise their strategy. Within a short time they returned to their professor saying it was not possible. Based on the sheer heights of the cliffs and the strength of the Syrian fortification, it was not possible to plan the taking of the Golan Heights, because it couldn't be done.

Second Item was told by Rabbi Asher Wade :
The Story begins on an army base in Berlin in 1974. Rabbi Wade, then a chaplain, befriended a Jewish American officer named Stuart. Stuart did not strike him as being a religious man and so Rabbi Wade was surprised one day to see Stuart wearing a yarmulke (skullcap). Upon questioning Stuart's reasons for donning this unconventional attire, Stuart told Rabbi Wade the fascinating story behind it. As part of their first year studies, cadets were enrolled in a course called History of Military Tactics & Field Strategies, taught a three-star Lieutenant General with a Ph.D. in Military Strategy. The course surveyed the major battles in history, including those of the Ptolemies, Romans, and the Middle Ages, down to the latest battles of our modern-era.

During the final two weeks of the course, which were devoted to reviewing the material. Cadet Stuart raised his hand with a question.

"Why," asked Stuart," did we not survey any of the battles fought by the Jews, either of ancient times (i.e. Roman-Jewish Wars) or of modern times (i.e. Arab-Israeli Wars)?"

"The normally friendly general snapped back with an order for me to see him in his office after class," remembered Stuart. Upon entering the general's office, Stuart was ordered to close and lock the door. "The general then told me he would only answer my question in the privacy of his office," said Stuart.

"Do not think that the staff here at West Point has left the Jewish wars unnoticed," began the general, "we have examined and analyzed them and we do not teach them at West Point," he continued. "According to military strategy and textbook tactics, the Jews should have lost them. You should have been swept into the dustbin of history long ago, but you were not. You won those wars against all odds and against all military strategies and logic."

"This past year, we hired a new junior instructor. During a private staff meeting and discussion, the Arab-Israeli wars came under discussion. We puzzled at how you won those wars. Suddenly, this junior instructor chirped up and jokingly said, 'Honorable gentlemen, it seems to be quite obvious how they are winning their wars: G-d is winning their wars!' Nobody laughed. The reason is, soldier, that it seems to be an unwritten rule around here at West Point that G-d is winning your wars, but G-d does not fit into military textbooks! You are dismissed," concluded the general.

"I left the general's office," continued Stuart, "I have never been so humiliated in my life. I felt about two inches tall. Wouldn't you know it," I said to myself, "that I would have to come to West Point and find out how great my G-d is from a non practicing Presbyterian three-star general."

"I went back to my barracks," continued Stuart, "and dug down in my sock drawer to find that 'flap of cloth' that I threw on my head once a year. I said to myself: This thing is going on my head, because I found out, in essence, who I was and where I came from."

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Posted 21 January 2005 - 04:52 AM

I actually heard Asher wade tell me that story, and I answered with one of my own. I took a Military history course in Brooklyn college, and when we got to Tank warfare, the proffesor used Rommel as an example. When I asked why he didnt use the 6 day war as an example of tank warfare against high odds, he basically said that thebattle was worthless to teach, as the israelis made so many mistakes that they not only should have lost, but should have been destroyed. He chalked it up to the Egyptians being worse, but he didnt sound so sure.

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