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ophanim; good spirits

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#1 darkgreenjeans



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 03:06 PM

best to focus on the good, judaism, i think is wise in the observation of the fact that, rather than good and bad spirits, spirits have both sides to them, ultimately the good being moreso, because good is whole, while evil is fragmented and seeks wholeness. Good moreso just represents balance, and evil represents unbalance, which is in the long run impossible to sustain, which is why evil cannot win.

when we invoke an angel, I believe we will always encounter some evil, but overall, it will be the greater good,
because we came from the whole path, so we are not caught in the fragment

i believe those who invoke demons, encounter the same force, and walk the same circle, and will encounter some good, but overall, it will be bad, unless they change their intent for good, because the demon is not strong enough to see beyond the fragment,

these are the same being, but they can see in our heart, in a way it is not that, but the doing of our own heart which causes the reaction, not that they judge us but the energy in our heart will move them

a certain way, like a magnet either celestial, making whole, or demonic, fragmenting,

ultimately, also, i believe we all begin on the celestial path and it all ends there, we all begin with the wish for good, and the vision of wholeness, and in eternity, it can't be lost, moment to moment, we may not remember fully, in the small view it may seem evil eclipses good, but this is never the case in reality, simply because of what Good is, its kind of hard to understand, and easy at the same time.

but like a magnet again, the way the 'movements' happen, overall it always works out for good, thats just the way energy is and the universe. Its just more direct to invoke the Angel, something you do because you feel in your heart, so while logically it may be equal, in practice, people usually dont call on angel + demon, because even though its kind of a system, its not just like math, it has more to do with feelings. While, it will always end up good in the overall picture, you dont call the bad one, you don't test it, because bad things do happen, in the moment to moment, and it can be a lot, but if it happens, if someone else does it around you, you know itll be okay, for instance. Thats the way I approach it at least.

by this token no demon really exists, for it is only a fragment, lifeless, meaningless without the whole, but also, nor does an angel, all merely fragments, glimpses, incomplete and non-linear, of the One that is Hashem.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 02:23 PM

Well according to the pantheist "occult" view all thins are interconnected and part of one whole. Yet they exist independently as well. From this Platonic/kabbalist viewpoint the demons and angels regarded above are spiritual forces rather than living entities. They are like a resonation or a frequency. They thus attract certain characteristics according to their personality. So yes of course if you invoke the energy that is destructive and hateful that is what you will get.

Okay it's like this: red, green, blue and all these different shades of light are all actually dimension of white light. If you put it through a prism. Thus all the spirits are part of the whole but it doesn't make them any less real.

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Posted 01 August 2012 - 01:05 PM

Well according to the pantheist "occult" view all thins are interconnected and part of one whole. Yet they exist independently as well.

I feel like that after some trips, pretty intense...

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