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Improving Jewish Education

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#1 Malka



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 12:22 PM

article here http://www.jewishpre...ews/2012/08/01/


#2 adiel



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 05:54 PM

I'd have to disagree a little.

High school graduates have more education and interest in yiddishkeit than he's assuming. Take any mainstream high school, and I'd guess that a 12th grader can make a leining on a random blatt of gemara and isn't a cruel extortionist as the boy in his story.
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#3 paganyid



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Posted 16 August 2012 - 08:33 AM

In Judaism, education, knowledge is connected to wealth and status. I think in a more direct way than the nonjewish world at large.

There is a strong thread of Calvinism in Judaism - if you have wealth, knowledge, or status, it was bestowed upon you by G-d. That's not to say that a Jew can't go out and earn wealth or knowledge. (Which is a little bit of a mind-%^$& considering it becomes a fatalist Calvinist thing) but if you don't have yichus you're basically out of luck. Youre supposed to sit and worship those that do.

Add to that the perverse sense of fame of the contemporary era as well as the uber-wealth available to a few as well as the absence of real solid substantial jewish community and you get a lot of alienation.

Maybe this kid was saying: "Hey Rabbi, I know you live in an ivory tower where life is cherry and easy. Well, welome to my world, where people are bitter and mean and petty. F U for not even knowing what Im talking about."

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