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Anybody Need Some Slave Labor?

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 01:28 PM

I need some entry level work. Too hard to find work in this economy! I could travel but would need some kind of living arrangement. There is pretty good demand for basic labor in wealthy areas (lawn care, delivery drivers, burger flippers). This is simply because poor people can't afford to live in the area. So I could travel if there is some situation. I could also do basic acounting work and such (common sense stuff really). Legal research (again common sense). I have an associate of arts degree. I just want to work a couple years and get some money and go back to school. Also looking to start a low cost home business (probably carpet cleaning or something like that). But I need some money in my pocket first.

I would say that there seems to be a lot of people on here with high incomes that might know of places needing some labor, but then again there are probably only five people or so left on this site.

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 12:20 AM

Location would help? Willing to travel from where? how far?
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Posted 25 December 2012 - 02:41 PM

Within the U.S. I'm heading out to get some CDL training so I will see how that works out. The only problem is without any skills its impossible to make money or get treated like a human. No matter how hard you work, how smart, how good of an attitude you pretty much are restricted to below poverty wages unless you know somebody with a business or something.


If I had some money I can make a profit in the stock market, buy real estate etc. and wouldn't need a job. I can't even finish college because I'm too broke and the financial aid will not cover my cot of living (which is extremely low). I guess I should go to a church or synagogue. Life is a lot easier with a *community* or strong family structure. America has radically changed in the past 30 years where hard work alone doesn't count for *&^% making a living.


Even with truck driving, if one has the experience it is a relatively good paying middle class job (although one cannot have a life doing  this). Yet starting out the wages are abysmal, failure rates high (because they don't train you properly) etc.

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 02:45 PM

when I try to edit the above my computer just freezes. I'm in sinceitsnasty and I'd travel within the U.S. or Canada. It would be a bit much to travel over seas to meet someone from the internet, it poses too much risk.


What I would like to do is work for someone with a high I.Q. and with a "can do" attitude who wants to see me succeed and work as a team. Typically, I go into a minimal wage/entry level job. I deal with a boss who can barely add two plus two. The people also have a bad attitude and like to tear others down in order to make themselves look good in comparison. There is no desire to accomplish anything etc. Rather I want to make money and accomplish something. I think work should be fun- it should be enjoyable to make money. It shouldn't be that "this is work it is supposed to be miserable" etc.


I realize that no matter how smart, how hard working etc. if I work for a borderline retarded loser then my own efforts are wasted. It matters a lot what team you are on.


There are just so many stupid people in the world today. Unless you come from some elite culture and run in elite circles around 95% of people you deal with are complete imbeciles and also carry a lot of bad habits, poor thinking etc.


I go into jobs and even if I do the work of three people I don't get paid a dime more (how logial is that in regards to company profits). I am told to do irrational things which really do not serve any purpose for the business, for me or anyone else etc. Most of the people I work with are drug addicts, alcoholics etc. who can barely read, write or do simple math and so on.


At the same time if I apply for a job, the people assume I'm just another random idiot. I'm sort of lost in the crowd of idiot masses.


Then I make like $8,000 a year for working myself to death. When my brother's christmas bonus was $6,000 and the poverty line is around $13,000 a year for a single person. It's a joke. I don't want to waste my energy unless I know the person I'm working for is of sufficient character. This seems to be a flaw in how people think today. They believe that work 100% involves the worker. If you are smart, you will suddenly be promoted. If you work hard, you'll get paid well etc. In reality I realize it is a two way street. It involves the worker and his boss (as well as co-workers). I'm not perfect but I have an I.Q. that puts me in the top 3%, I at least have an associate degree from college. I'm strong, healthy and "hungry" to make something. I can reasonably learn just about anything if taught etc.


If I can find someone who wants to employ me and that person can demonstrate that he is a competent person, with a good attitude etc. I'll do what I can to work for that person. I'm sure once I go to drive a truck my supervisors will be barely literate people etc. Then its possible I'll end up losing a lot of money, being put in failing situations etc. because of team mates and co-workers.


I am not skilled at advanced level math (statistics/calculus/trig), I'm not highly skilled at mechanical stuff (fixing cars etc.) but can learn the basics. Strong back, I can do manual labor better than most others. I can read/write/articulate well. Not good at haggling or selling things to other people though. Most jobs involve simple tasks that can be learned easily if given proper training and some time to pick it up though.


I should probably try the ethnic network thing. I have floated from one low paying job to another throughout my life. Every single time I have worked for a redneck, large American corporation etc. it has been a bad experience, deaing with total idiots. Even people high up on the corporate ladder: morons. The three jobs I had in which I had a supervisor who acted human: one was a former drug dealer. Italian man from new york probably some mob connections. He got out of prison and became a chef. Even though I worked at a minimal wage job the work was fun and enjoyable because all my co-workers and my supervisor had a brain. We actually only worked half the time and got all of our work done early everyday. In the same time alloted the previous crew were unable to do finish their job. It isn't about working harder, but just common sense- intelligence. The guy also treated me like a human being, helped me out etc. Unfortunately I ran into some problems and had to move.


The other time I worked for a Vietnamese lady who owned her own business. Again the pay wasn't great but the job was very easy, the person was intelligent and reasonable etc. The other time I worked for a Chinese lady. Again she acted human. The other countless jobs I have had are with people who probably couldn't spell their own name. And I mean I have worked everywhere (as far as no skill jobs).


So yeah if you are like one of the above three who believes that a no skill job is "easy", likes to see everyone be successful and has a reasonable I.Q. it would be great. I don't ask for a huge salary. But when you work with a total moron with a "can't do attitude" they burn and consume, destroy and nothing good can come from it. I'm really tired of dealing with such people and companies.


Some people may find this hard to believe but about 45% of Americans live in poverty


My brother has no formal education and worked in factories his whole life. Had relatively low paying crappy factory jobs. Got his current job with a German company and is treated great and makes really good money.


Seems to be that your typical American company is full of incompetent idiots who will just try to cheat you out of a dime if they can. So I'm starting to feel if you can't own your own business and work for yourself maybe the second best option would be an ethnic network or some sort of ethnic business. In American businesses you might have some competence near the top of the company but its so far removed from the everyday experience of an average worker that the point is moot.

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 11:10 PM

Actually I like to rant on about this because this is something central to my thoughts daily. It is why I have been working on a "hraftzer" cultural/networking system. Frankly we have lowering average I.Q.s due to welfare moms, flat lined education attainment (and declining scores at the top), increased crime rates, increased mental healh problems, increased poverty, increased income disparity etc. that has occured since the counter culture of the 1960s. At some point it becomes a waste of energy to participate in "common society" and most of one's efforts should go into forming "elite" networks (if you want to call people possing a rudimentary level of common sense "elite"), secret societies, private societies, ethnic networks, attaining advanced degrees etc. Anything to seperate yourself from the average imbecile. While the wealthy are so isolated from the "streets" and don't see it as much, I have watched the United States crumble since I was a child.


I'm from a poor background and I have relatively low expectations, but what I consistently encounter is outright absurd. I remember as a teenager interviewing for a dishwashing position at a resteraunt. The lady told me it was a very difficult job and she didn't know if I had what it takes. I told her washing dishes is relatively simple, its not rocket science and keeping a fast pace would not be a problem. She didn't like my attitude, so I didn't get the job. Later I got a job washing dishes someplace else. I was one of their fastest dishwashers and I done the job half asleep. I have called in about jobs like mowing grass. The guy on the phone will just repeatedly tell me how hard the job is and if I simply say it sounds easy, he "doesn't like my attitude" and I don't get the job. Yet I mow grass and it is easy. A monkey can do this kind of work.


And if I do get a job and increase profits/sales, do the work of two or three people etc. I never get any kind of raise for it, even though I'm making the company boat loads of money. But beyond that I encounter things like one time working at a gas station I was the shift leader, another manager and a girl also worked the shift. They sat in the back room and did nothing all day while lines backed up and I repeatedly called them up. The manager of the next shift would not dicipline them and wanted me to stay late to finish all the work that hadn't been done. It is like there is no option other than to be a loser at entry level jobs. I was pulling in thousands of dollars extra a week in sales at a BP. They didn't care. There is no appreciation at all of good work. Then people who sit around and do nothing are seldom diciplined. Turn over is high and the average person quits within a couple months because of low pay.


Good paying jobs almost always require experience or education even when previously they did not. You need a college degree to screw in a light bulb.


Everything is rocket science to these people. They tell me to mop a floor when there is heavy foot traffick. I tell them this will make the floor dirtier actually when people walk on a wet floor. They tell me to do it anyway, then yell at me at the end of shift when the floor is dirty. If I apply for a better paying job and simply say "hey train me" they go on about how changing a tire is rocket science, or mopping a floor is only something the best of the best can accomplish.


And then college is so ridiculously expensive that unless you are getting some kind of special scholarship, its basically impossible to afford with no money.


So the great revelation I have is that I just want to work for/with people who don't think mopping a floor is rocket science. I'm not trying to get rich of a job I just want a living wage and a can do attitude. Once I'm able to save some money I'll just work for myself. Actually now I just want to finish a bacherlor degree and then after that focus on investing to work for myself.


By contrast one could start a business cleaning toillettes or mowing grass and pull in more money per year than a college graduate. One could even buy real estate, generate passive income (taxed at a lower rate mind you) and become a self made millionaire. It only takes a small amount of money to get started. And I have even had a lot of success "day trading" stocks. My only problem is if I'm earning well below the poverty line and can't even afford basic neccessities while working at a back breaking job, then its not possible for me to invest.


Yet even if I start my own business I might want to hire employees. then again I will deal with people who can't vacum a carpet or show up to work on time. So that's why I place the highest value on making contacts with people who are competent and of good character.


I will turn down a job making $40,000 a year from some average company and work for $25,000 a year for a person I can trust and who I know is intelligent and reasonable, because I realize dealing with certain people involves wealth and success being "burned" and "consumed". Dealing with rational and honorable people creates a situation like compound interest or a snowball effect- good ideas bounce off each other and grow. Simple tasks are easily accomplished. Things generally run smoothly.


Once I have money I will also pour it into my own little "society" for this very reason that it is very important to simply befriend and do business with people of similar character. Yet also, if I can work for a person with an I.Q. above that of a baboon then I would be willing to travel anywhere and do just about anything.

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